Rupert friend and keira knightley dating

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He considered himself a late starter: "I was about to set off sailing around the world when I heard I'd got into drama school.

Everyone else there had grown up singing and dancing, whereas I was the opposite." Originally he wanted to be an archaeologist and travel around the world after seeing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in 1989, but he scrapped the idea after realizing that the occupation is not as remunerative as he had expected.

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She has walked the runway of Alexander Mcqueen and was even named one of "It wasn't a decision that either of them took lightly. I don't think there was any one thing that led to their break-up – it was a whole raft of things, I think," he said.Dornan and Friend are our favourite male talents on TV right now.Handsome, accomplished and gracious, with impossibly private private lives, they are both reluctant to embrace fame.In 2010, he played Albert, Prince Consort in Young Victoria. Her father, Will Knightley, broke the news to sources, confirming the split and revealing that is "hard" for Keira to move on from him.

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