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Island's Hongki reveals how his dating news damaged his fandom The broadcast station told news outlets, "Kim Yong Man, Jung Jun Ha, Ahn Jung Hwan, Jeon Hye Bin, Kwak Dong Yeon, and F. Island's Hongki have been confirmed [for the show]. There will not be any more cast members." The show will consist of a different lecture each episode, where teachers lecture on subjects not normally taught in school. my buddy's step sister makes 73 per hour on the internet. the previous month her revenue was 15009 just working on the internet for 5 hours a day...Lee Dong Gun, born July 26, 1980 in Kang Nam, Seoul, South Korea, made his debut in 1998 as an actor and singer.I fell in love with him in To The Beautiful You and am working my way through his repetoire.Besides being adorable and a great actor the man can sing like an angel! I knew him from The Heirs, and then I did watch Angel Eyes "Only his episodes", and I didn't know if he actually has musical talent! I wonder what happened to him from 2008-2010...school or army service maybe?His representatives have actually threatened to take legal action against any news agencies who perpetuate the false reports. These rules are subject to change, so please check this often. The rumors surfaced first online, but were picked up by “a domestic news outlet” that claimed to be following an “older vocalist” regarding the story. In November 2012, Lee signed on exclusively with FNC Entertainment, who will manage his future activities, and comeback project. I knew being head over heals on park seo joon is a thing these day but i just can't help but falling in love with kang ha neul's smile.

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[ 385, -17] He's being realistic and dissociating himself ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2.

He is spotty for the actress because these dating rumors keep surfacing."The middle-aged singer [the alleged source] has no idea how he could be [quoted] as introducing people he doesn’t know,” he continued.

Jung Ryeo Won’s representatives have also denied the rumors.

However, he has long since given up his singing career.

Lee once stated that his singing career was like a wheel; sometimes he's up and sometimes he's down, and if it were not for his successful acting career, he would have already left the entertainment business.

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