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Since you mentioned that she is in her 30's and still doing this, then I would bail out.

In my earlier post I was for some reason under the impression that you were closer to college age.

Dating is difficult enough by itself, but when you date and have binge eating disorder, there are sometimes issues that pop up even when having a simple dinner.

There’s no easy way to navigate the world of dating or binge eating disorder, but when you are confident, honest, and open, you can make everything a little bit easier.

During a binge, you may eat even when you’re not hungry and continue eating long after you’re full.

You may also binge so fast you barely register what you’re eating or tasting.

If you believe the person you are dating is a binge drinker, here are a few things to keep in mind.

At one point, she was dating three men with names that started with “S” and had to refer to her cheat sheet to keep them all straight. Plus, all that flurry of activity in the beginning is exciting and fun.

I agree with the earlier post that said people will grow out of it around 25 to late 20's. ciwpp wrote: She's actually in her early 30s as you alluded to, and I do feel that I love her, but then I wonder why I love a woman who has these problems, and my mother has a mental illness, and so I'm not sure if there is a connection.

If she is in her 30's and attractive, somewhat smart, good in bed, etc... You're better off getting a cute sober lady who will look [relatively] young forever. She is a great woman, but her drinking is both exciting and scary, and maybe my biggest concern is that if I ever mention resentment of her drinking it causes a huge fight, and she says her drinking isn't a problem.

And no, I doubt she will change a lot - it's hard to take the "party" out of a party girl. I guess I tend to think that mike-old-fart may have a typical experience, and perhaps short term pain now would avoid long drawn out misery with a heavy drinker, party girl type. As somebody who was a binge drinker (there is another name for it BTW), you are getting into a load of probelms. Stopping drinking wont help her figure this out, but it will stop her from killing herself. Now at 28 half my weekend nights I don't drink, and the other half I'll have 2-6 beers with friends and am home by 1 am. Thanks, guys, I shall attempt to deal with the pain, but of course the pain is there now anyway, and I know some might say you're a fool to ask advice on this board, but you guys have been helpful.

Thats one of the things that sucks about stopping drinking - your problems do not magically disappear. Occasionally we'll still have a big party, but it's down to a few times per year - New Year's, St. I am impressed with your responses, and actually slightly surprised.

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